Emergency First Response (EFR)

This is the Emergency Training program. Learn the “how to do it” on first aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment so that any emergency situation can be evaluated correctly. Following a First Aid course will increase your safety when diving in a meaningful way. PADI as well as other Diving Federations require a

Certificate in First Aid and current CPR as a prerequisite for Diver Rescue certification. The student’s kit includes a field reference guide that will help you learn all the theoretical knowledge easily. An Instructor will guide you through practical exercises.

Knowledge to acquire 

  • Primary Evaluation
  • First Aid and CPR exercises
  • Primary Stabilization Techniques
  • Oxygen Management in Diving Emergencies


  • Wet suit
  • Diving regulator
  • Mask / Fins
  • Buoyancy Control Device
  • Dive bottle
  • Diving regulator

Configuration & Duration 

It consists of 4 to 5 hours of theoretical class where you will be provided with the necessary material.


  • Emergency First Response
    210,00 €
    Certification Course